Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Re: Am I the only one who feels this way?

Good question. First off, I don't use Adobe raw conversions - never really cared for them, although for landscape they are far better than they are for skin, and far better than they used to be - if I get a D810 at some point, I might have to revisit that as Capture NX-D is a UI disaster (although it produces nice conversions), or more likely, switch to Capture One. But I get your question for sure as it stands outside of the type of conversion used.

What I see is one lenses ability to separate hue and tonal differences well and one lens unable to do so as well. While one can go into LAB mode and do the usual tricks to push colors further apart, it's better to have the lens present the variations in tone/color better as the file will contain the data you want as opposed to trying to make up for deficiencies. Again - subtle things.

The next question is whether these differences are seen in print - which is my chosen medium to display work - and the answer is, if you're working with a good printer and a good workflow, yes, they are, although as usual, they are not brick-in-your-head gigantic differences.


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