Considering xe-2 - some input please

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Re: Considering xe-2 - some input please

Meekyman wrote:

Thanks to the both of you for replying.

Sure, I need to try the size in hand to see if for me it is too small. I have small hands, so maybe not a problem but wearing gloves in winter, umm?

Just to clarify, I am not into sports/action photography and will sell on the Nikon D700. I intend on using my 4x5 film camera for landscapes on photography specific trips for as long as they make film. I want a camera for non photo specific trips that provides great image quality and is a pleasure to use - no long diving into menus, simple aperture/shutter combinations via dials etc. Also, I guess something which is not intimidating so the next time I am in a market in Vietnam, for example as I remember our last holiday, the locals are not put off by this guy with his D700 and lens even after fun banter. So, I'm imagining the xe-2 + 14mm or tiny 27mm for such times and then the 18-55 for when I am with the wife where photography per se is not the goal.



Sounds like the X-E2 is pretty much perfect for what YOU are looking for. I have skied with the X100 and the X-E2, and had no problems with cold weather use. The controls are fine with thin gloves, or ski glove "liners". I would suggest a ThumbsUp or LensMate thumb rest. Makes the camera much easier to grip with (or without) gloves, and way smaller and lighter than a dedicated grip.

I agree with all of the comments regarding the lenses, particularly the 14mm. I do have to disagree with the LightRoom comments. LR does just fine with X-Trans except in extremely rare occasions - and that's even debatable. (You can find about 2 weeks worth of forum threads on the LR "foliage" subject if you are interested! Ha ha!)

Good luck!

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