what camera to take on trips, dinners, etc

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Re: what camera to take on trips, dinners, etc

In for a penny...in for a pound.

I have 3 canon cameras: a 20D I have had for years

a 50D which I bought thinking the 20D could not last much longer...that was 50K ago

and a 5D full frame.

I have a battery grip for the 50D and 5D which make them huge.

I keep the 20D with a 24-85 lens in the back floorboard of my car under coats and towels where it is well insulated, and never gets above skin temperature. I keep a small bag with it with a longer lens and extra betteries and a flash if needed.

Often people request I bring in a camera. After shooting the other cameras with battery grips and bigger zoom lenses the 20D seems almost small. Also since it is so old I am not as afraid of having it swiped.

I would suggest you go with the olympus and a smaller lens for the events you mentioned. If you take a body and lens cap, you could put the body in one coat pocket and the lens in the other until needed. If Olympus has a pancake lens like the canon 40mm/2.8, you could probably get the whole thing in a coat pocket. And a good dSLR will do everything you need.

So as above....in for a penny (a camera)...in for a pound (take something you know will get the job done.


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