Thoughts on the Fuji X PRO2

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Re: Thoughts on the Fuji X PRO2

shigzeo ? wrote:

For those of us with vertigo, or who hate automatic normalisation, low FPS, low resolution, and who are ready to trust an AF system, or if there is a good manual focus overlay, the OVF is so far and away superior, not to mention unique, that Fujifilm would be silly to abandon it.

To be honest, it is the only REAL thing different about the X series. Most systems today have great lenses. Ditto X. Every compact systems abandoned mechanical coupling/engineering for fly by wire systems. Ditto X. Every compact system has a camera shaped or sized like a typical film SLR or rangefinder. Ditto X. More and more are putting intelligible controls in the right places and doing their best to standardise interfaces. Fujifilm are not so good at standardising user interfaces. I have the X-T1, X100s, and had the X-Pro 1 and each one works so completely differently that I can't pick one up and easily use another apart from aperture and shutter speed, that the experience is infuriating. That said, the controls are, taken in isolation from other units in the series, very easy to understand. The veil of confusion is slowly lifting across the board.

But only Fujifilm have an OVF on two models of cameras. All other mirrorless cameras rely on EVF. And again, that EVF flicker (under flourescents and other lights), that EVF auto normalisation/amp gain, that EVF drag and slow FPS in dark venues, not to mention when using non-native lenses stopped down, is painful, slow, and hugely disconnective.

The OVF, on the other hand, allows, even for a moment, the user to remember what it was like to use a camera that wasn't a basic digital tunnel.

+1 to everything you said.

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