What is your definitiion of "renders"

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Dave Lively Senior Member • Posts: 1,833
What is your definitiion of "renders"

"Renders" as in "I love the way my xxx lens renders" seems to be the new buzzword here and in other photography forums.  The definition is a bit vague which bothers the engineer in me.

In general I see it used as a subjective term people use to describe the overall results they get from a lens regardless of how well that lens does in objective tests for things like resolution, CA and distortion.  But there is a lot of variation.

Let me know what you mean when you say a lens renders well.

The lens does very well in areas that are hard to measure objectively like the quality of OOF areas, ability to provide thin DOF, contrast, color balance, etc. It may or may not do well in tests for things like resolution, CA and distortion.
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It has what some would consider a technical flaw that works well for what I use it for. A portrait lens that is a little soft and hazy wide open for example.
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I like the results I get and as an artist am not going to waste my time worrying about the technical reasons behind that look. DXO can kiss my . . .
22.2% 4  votes
This is a great lens overall and has and does not deserve the poor reputation it has because has mediocre test results in one category.
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Other. I am expecting a lot of you to choose this answer so please elaborate.
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