Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

Started Aug 16, 2014 | Questions thread
Tom Axford Veteran Member • Posts: 5,498
Re: The reflection is real!

sallyanne wrote:

You may be able to explain how a yellow part got in the reflection on the pavement then. The glass doors that should have been in the reflection are clear? (The second link)

No, I can't explain any of it!

I was making the point that I thought it inconceivable that anyone would go to that amount of trouble in trying to fake it! Apparently I was wrong, and not only did he/she go to that trouble, but they still failed to pull it off in a way that would survive very close scrutiny! A rather pointless exercise in the end.

I think I will stick to photography with a camera rather than photography with Photoshop. 

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