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Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Johan Borg wrote:

In particular, if you only care about protecting highlight, you should use spot metering (and manual exposure or exposure lock), evaluative metering just isn't going to do that all the time no matter how much negative compensation you dial in. Point the focus frame to the brightest part of the scene, adjust until about +2.0 and you're done. If the rest of the photo is now black, you understand why the camera chose to blow some highlight.

Yes, very good idea. Sometimes you just need spot metering to get something right.

Second, instead of dialing increasingly negative exposure compensation, switch to ISO 200 or 400 so you gain one or two stops of extra highlight recovery in RAW without dealing with dark preview images. In your case I would do that also for the DP3M, -1.7 EC is extreme.

Not sure if the Quattro works like that though.

It doesn't. After controlled testing I stand corrected, the only way to protect highlights in the Quattro is to meter for highlights. Sorry if I have mislead anyone on the assumption that Q would behave like M in this area (the DP3M definitely does give you extra headroom at ISO 200, worth trying out).

I don't know if this is due to the RAW data (in other words, that Quattro has variable Analog Front End like the SD15), or if it's entirely due to SPP processing. My bet is on AFE.

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