Families torn apart by Ebola: Photographer risks his own life to chronicle harrowing scenes in Liber

Started Aug 16, 2014 | Discussions thread
SeeRoy Senior Member • Posts: 1,666
You could not pay me enough to go to Liberia

Ebola isn't airborne. You need physical contact with victims or their body fluids. Two days ago I spoke with a friend, a retired doctor who worked almost his entire career in Africa, about this. He'd actually been involved in treating an outbreak of Ebola and his opinion is that the problem was one of widespread ignorance rather than high intrinsic risk although of course the fatality rates are >50% if you catch it. Some of the victims' families have been raiding the hospitals and taking patients out (to save them from the doctors...)

As for Liberia, the country is a 5h!th0le. There's certainly a substantial risk involved in going there, Ebola or no Ebola.

Edit: Just in case anyone thinks I'm overstating the case, I just stumbled across the following article (in the UK "Independent"). You couldn't make this **it up.


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