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Re: a6000 Prime Lenses

AHM wrote:

The Sigma 30mm f2.8 is just as sharp as the 35mm and goes for $170.

This is good advice for still photography in not to dark situation, for video the OSS in the Sony lens is very good. The larger aperture is important for low light and for better bokeh.

Additionally, I don't believe the Sigma has as fast and good autofocus as the Sony 35mm.

I have the Sony 50mm and the Sigma 30mm and AF is a shade faster on the Sony on the a6000, but you have to try hard to notice a difference.

No argument that f1.8 and OSS are nice but for many they don't justify 3X the price, especially considering that at like apertures the Sigma is a tad sharper, especially f2.8. And the Sigma is smaller.

Well if pdaf and tracking across the frame is important then the Sigma is out. It can only do that in the center.

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