Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Re: Am I the only one who feels this way?

thelenspainter wrote:

I think because (as far as I can tell) English is not your first language, you have missed the tone of sarcasm in my post. It was meant as a goodhearted ribbing, not an attack.

It was played nicely and on the edge, not for the first time. But I simply don’t like the presence of the word there. You could have put there as many grins you liked.

Very well, I'll elaborate. I sometimes take issue with Mike because he magnifies what are in fact almost microscopic differences between already extremely good lenses. I've said this before: 99% of people would not be able to see the differences he detects. Mostly they are differences visible only on D800E, with careful, slow testing in a studio with controlled lighting. In day to day shooting, they simply are not apparent. Further to this, many of these differences are smaller than the manufacturer's assembly tolerances, so something as simple as getting a less than stellar copy of the lens can erase them completely.

I have at various times replicated some of the tests he talks about, where I owned the same lenses. On my equipment, the D600 with 24mp, the differences could not be seen, no matter how carefully I tested. I test software for a living, so I know about testing protocol.

Talking of other people (which I love, not) my experience is different. There is a small area he sometimes gets into within the discussion or assessment where I’d say his passion leads him to exaggerate a little. And I realize that what is completely natural to me can be irritating to someone else. But for the most part and where it really matters his observations are very, I would say unusually well, extracted, put and rational. I also find him biased and passionate towards Nikon in a similar way, that is, rationally. I may repeat that one needs to know what exactly to take from it for one’s own applications, use, ways and requirements. Some may have difficultly. I recommend them less forums and test sites reading and more practice until it becomes really clear. It provides a sound and needed context and makes the distinguishing of what is valuable information for me (or less so) easier and mainly confident.

I'm sure Mike does what he does it because he enjoys it, but it can encourage an unhealthy obsession with perfection which pushes aside all pragmatism. As the saying goes: the perfect is the enemy of the good.

I wouldn't worry, honestly. It's not his problem. I suggest talking to his victims obsessed with perfection which pushes aside all pragmatism directly.

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