Let's Poll what your Expectation of the 7D Mark II Sensor will be Like

Started Aug 17, 2014 | Polls thread
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Let's Poll what your Expectation of the 7D Mark II Sensor will be Like

There has been a lot of heated discussion about whether Canon will be able to come up with a competitive sensor tech.  To be honest I bet most of us still don't have a clue but it's still fun to speculate. I know some people don't care about sensor tech but a lot of us do. IQ is the key reason I am using a DSLR so it's been a bit disappointing to see Canon not doing anything to address such a key performance metric.

So for those of us who cares why not just have some honest fun and make your best guess and we can come back later to see how our guesses turn out in Photokina. This thread is not meant for argumentative purposes or to exert your superior knowledge of sensor fabrication because honestly I don't think anyone really knows unless you have insider info. It's just honest fun.

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Gamechanger - new tech (maybe multi-layer, maybe some other) that leapfrogs the current Sony Exmor in every way, maybe this is why they have been so far behind the last couple of years? They were just devoting resources to this BIG ONE
15.7% 17  votes
New competitive tech - new sensor tech not used by other manufacturers but allows Canon to outperform in some ways, but may still have some drawbacks or kinks to be ironed out in subsequent iterations. This at least shows Canon is still devoting resources into improving still IQ and offers a glimpse of a more exciting future.
23.1% 25  votes
Parity - Canon introduce on chip ADC and finally caught up with Exmor with similar performance characteristics.
8.3% 9  votes
Outsource - Canon outsources it's sensor to a competitive sensor manufacturer (maybe Sony or others), performance ought to catch up with the Sony Exmor.
4.6% 5  votes
Same old 70D sensor - most disappointing scenario, maybe Canon merely change the number of pixels or add some marginal improvement but mostly retain its ancient sensor fabrication process with similar performance characteristics (like that of 7D - 70D)
37.0% 40  votes
I don't give a crap about new sensor tech the current sensors are more than enough for me.
7.4% 8  votes
Huh? What are you talking about?
3.7% 4  votes
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