Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

Started Aug 16, 2014 | Questions thread
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You are way too late.

Maybe 6 years ago there was a plug-in for Photoshop the would flood the bottom half of a photo with water. Could simulate waves, reflections, everything. Looked pretty good. Then, since it was easy, everyone started doing it.

Looks like things have come around again, like all fads.

Glen Barrington wrote:

richardplondon wrote:

Of course this kind of slightly disturbing visual effect may have been the photographer's intent here; but if so, it's IMO a rather slick, gimmicky and contrived way to make an impact.

I have no problem with slick, gimmicky, and contrived as long as it is NEW and innovative, slick, gimmicky, and contrived photos.

But in 2 weeks, we are going to see 6-8 posts a day in the beginners forum (and a few in this forum) about how to duplicate this effect. And some dope will tell them how, or worse, tell them about some plug-in that does it with no effort and thought required of the user. Then, in 8 months, we will be swimming (pun intended) in awful fake reflection photos.

Something needs to be done immediately! ARRRGH!

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