Which Nikon G to Fuji adapters with tripod mount? (not Metabones)

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Re: F to X adapter with tripod mount? Metabones is the way to go.

Peter Jonas wrote:

The Metabones tripod mount is not very wide indeed (19mm or 3/4"). However I consider its strength to be more than adequate.

On the camera end the heaviest load you can put on it is an X-T1 with a vertical grip, which hsould come in under 800 grams. The heaviest AI-S lens without a tripod mount I can think of would be the 180mm/f2.8ED, which is also about 800 grams. For these camera / lens combinations the Metabones tripod mount is adequate. A larger lens would have its own tripod mount and should be used with that.

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Peter Jonas

I agree with Peter


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