Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-layer sensor a'la Foveon

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Re: Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-lawyer sensor a'la Foveon

Scottelly wrote:

What if ISO/noise performance sucks, but resolution is spectacular? (a la Foveon)

This model is Canon's premier APS-C model. Canon's base will expect at least the current level of performance. Professionals use this model and Canon will not be killing the golden goose. The 7D-ii is rumored to have an increase in burst rate shooting over it's Bayer forebearers.


I'm willing to bet Sony would produce it for whoever wants it Even if it operates slowly (3 fps and has long write times) it will be considered the best you can get . . . for its purpose. No doubt Canon would put two new processors in the camera and make it faster than the Quattro DSLR will be .

We should remember that Sony bought Minolta's camera patents to the original Full Color technology (it used a splitter instead of different strata's in those days). Minolta's camera makes our Sigmas look like supercomputers, it was so limiting and clunky. Sony has worked many years based off that initial work to get the ISO ability and noise to levels the public has come to expect. But- Sony and Cannon are not working together AFAIK, they have been filing separate patents for years over their versions of this technology.

. . and it will be much more expensive than the Quattro DSLR too, I'm sure (probably around $5,000). But it will be full frame, and it will capture more detail than the Quattro, and it will be a Canon.

The price being bandied about for the Canon7D-II is $2,300. We must realize that there is the natural limitation of the full-frame line that limits how expensive the APS-C line can get. Canon 6D's are currently $1400.

I really do not know what kind of computational power (and heat dissipation) would be able to put through so much information. But, if Canon are not throwing away some of that information, in all likelihood this mythical Canon will have higher resolution than our Sigma's. Sigma would loose it's tiny sliver of the pro market and the SD1 Quattro would be still-born.

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