I used flash while shooting my first birthday party. Shouldn't I have?

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I used flash while shooting my first birthday party. Shouldn't I have?

Howdy, guys!
How are you?
My name is Daniel and about a month ago I purchased my first DSLR: Nikon d3100.
I don't call myself a photographer. Not yet. My aunt invited me to shoot my cousin's birthday party and once I've been looking for opportunities to use my camera so that I can learn and get more experience, I totally accepted it.
Everything was going very well, I cleaned my lens, I charged the batteries, I formatted my 8GB memory card and went to the party. I was feeling rather confident until I got there. The place was incredibly dark. The lights were off, I asked my aunt to turn them on but she couldn't, so I figured that the only way was to turn on my flash.
I had a few tests and first the photos got overexposed. I changed the shutter speed to 1/200, changed my flash to 1/16 and tried again.
These are some of the results:


The thing is, is they any thing I should have done in order to have good/better results? Are they any good for a first photography session? I'd like feedback and advice. I'd HIGHLY appreciate.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,


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