Finepix S1 or HS50EXR

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Finepix S1 or HS50EXR

I am considering owning a Fijifilm HS50EXR or Finepix S1 mega zoom camera.

First up, on ebay I see HS50EXR and HS55EXR is there any difference or is that the same camera?

O.K. I chasing a something a little more rugged as I have a habit of damaging cameras or cameras just stop working for me. I already own a Olympus Stylus 1, and yes I do like the camera, which I have own from just after Christmas -- the camera stopped working for me, and sent back for warranty and the camera was away for repairs for 10 weeks, came back repaired and Olympus noted main board failure. Have been enjoying the camera but the back LCD has cracked internally, not a mark on the screen, but half the screen has stopped working, -- I do have a Mack Warranty as well on the camera, but i am rather sure that I will loose the Camera for about 12 weeks or something. With the first failure, I was using the Olympus for rather humid/wet conditions, I was being careful but I am not totally if that had something to do with the main board failure.

I do plan to keep the Olympus Stylus 1 after it's repair, but for the interim I thought I would like to own and use a bridge mega zoom camera, hopefully a durable one.

I am considering a either "Finepix S1" or a HS50EXR , after studying reviews
what I could like with the "Finepix S1"

  • Weather and Dust proofing, might help when I using the camera in humid wet conditions, still the weather proofing could be a bit over over rated not sure
  • The motorised Zoom -- O.K. I know that people bag the motorised zoom, but it's been nice to pull my camera out of my bag, (I use a hand strap on the camera), and hold the umbrella in the other hand and operate the zoom and camera with one hand.
  • Studying the reviews of the "Finepix S1" I see that it has a quick zoom out button on the side of the lens that one can press to locate what they are shooting and let go of the button to zoom back in, and then shoot - I see that could be a useful feature.
  • I have never seen a "Finepix S1" but I am hoping that it's a bit smaller than the HS50EXR.

What I could dislike with the S1.

  • May be I haven't seen it documented or how easy is it to operate manual focus, some times with the Stylus 1 I have found the auto focus, would just focus on the wrong thing, and having a little switch to flick to switch to manual focus has been real handy, as well with the ring of the lens it easy to use manual focus -- for owners of the S1 how have you found the manual focus?
  • The plastic tripod mount thread -- not really sure if that would affect me that much, but having it metal would be a good idea.

What I could like with HS50EXR

  • The EXR feature -- I don't think that's on the S1
  • Manual focus could be easier to use if needed
  • It's a fair bit cheaper in price about $100 with shopping 
  • Maybe a slightly better EVF

What I could dislike with the HS50EXR

  • It could be larger in it's external dimensions -- not sure
  • It's not weather proof  --  might be a little, as it appears to be rubberised around the outside.

O.K. I could even consider a X-S1 camera -- but I want fast auto focus.

Just after ideas and discussion.


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