Samyang 24mm Tilt Shift

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Samyang 24mm Tilt Shift

I like it, this is my first Pano, would be a 72MP image 9.2K by 6.9K in size at full size.

For me, this lens is functional at far more capable than the initial reviews I found for it on the Nikon mount. This of course is nothing you can not do on other lenses, however, this makes it easy and post processing even easier.

I know this is nothing new, however, focusing and metering are tricky with this lens, very easy to knock the focus while stopping the lens back down.

You can meter at center and then flip to manual to dial in what you metered, however, I think after an hour or so with this lens I will just bring out the Seconic meter which I hardly use and use it to meter the scene and use that to dial up a manual exposure.

The shift for perspective seems very promising as well, I have not really taken a picture I care to share with it yet, however, once I go downtown I am sure I will.

Here is my humble first pano, the same ole lake scene I use for testing as it makes a good reference and comparison with other lenses.

I shot a few off tripod as well and I could see this lens becoming highly addictive once I tap into it some more. The ease of these super MP panos is already alluring in itself. Exposure was a little hot on this, will take a little time to get used to what offset I need to use.

Again, no need to tell me one can live without a Tilt Shift, been living that way for 30 years pursuing photography. Having said that, this was a good investment for me!

While its hardly fair, here is one from the Art 35, different focal lengths of course, The TS Image has a 2.5X greater reduction for web viewing meaning its loosing far more, I was testing it as well. It hands down whips any lens I have played with in the detail, contrast, color.. its the bomb!

This gives you some comparisons, and no, no regrets buying the TS, its going to have its utility!

And at 72MP verses 36MP the sigma out resolves the larger pano by quite a margin, but lets see what happens when I learn the TS better.

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