Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-layer sensor a'la Foveon

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Re: A rumor for about ten years now...

Truman Prevatt wrote:
At one point Canon developed it's own semi-conductor fab for development of its own sensors. That was a strategic advantage for quite awhile as Canon's dedicated fab had process that were more advanced then those in the commercial. However, that is no longer true as Sony, Aptina, Toshiba, etc. have surpassed caught and even surpassed the capability of the Canon fab. Today the process that produces the Exmoor sensor produces better sensors than Canon can produce. Nikon for example uses multiple suppliers for its sensors.

It'd be interesting to see the time-frames on that. I've read that the Canon fab was more or less state-of-the-art, with the equivalent of digital feature lines of 500nm for analog devices that are in the circuitry surrounding the actual pixel.

To me, it gets confusing to keep track of analog and digital "feature lines", but I think Sony has access to fabs that have analog feature lines of 180 nm. That's a huge advantage, and perhaps explains the performance of the Exmor sensor. With wafer dies, the size is a factor of the square of the feature size, so a reduction by 50% allows 4x more dies (once learning curve for yields is mature).

I'd guess the Canon 500nm fab was introduced at about the time-frame of the 5d2 introduction, when my impression is that Canon leap-frogged Nikon, Sony, etc. with the 5d2 and then the 7d.

Or not?

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