Advice please , white balance problem ?

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Kenboydart 09
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Advice please , white balance problem ?

jjHello all

Today I attended a old car show in Napa Ca. and brought my

Fuji X100s along . It did a wonderful job except with a engine shot .

As you can see , I have yellow and orange where all should

be red .  I tried changing the exposure knob + and - but got

variations of the same problem . I also changed the WB to other

settings and again, same problem . So I photographed a sold red

Olds 88 and as you can see, no problem ......  went over to a

really wonderful 1960 Corvette and the camera freaked out again

with the red, chrome, and shadows . This is a great camera and

I'm not complaining really, just curious , any suggestions ?

[ all photos un-processed ]


seeing red in Napa .....

Engine shot, should be all red .

No problems here

Yellow/gold should be red !

Flat view
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