Lenstip's Review of the Panasonic Leica 15mm f/1.7

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Re: Lenstip's Review of the Panasonic Leica 15mm f/1.7

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Am I reading this correctly...they did the testing on an Olympus EPL-1? It is well known that Panasonic uses software to correct some lens characteristics so the use of the Oly for testing would be a problem. I have this lens and am currently using it on a GM1, GX7 and GH4 with no problems at all.

They measure based on RAW. However 12mpix is questionable.

These testers never freaking learn. They should be testing on the highest MP available, 16mp, and one with silent mode to eliminate in camera vibrations. This is the ONLY way to wring the absolute most resolution out of each lens. If SS is very high so as to render vibrations a non factor, perhaps the EM1 with it's missing LPF would be a good choice as well.

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The purpose of each test is not to wring the most resolution out of each lens, so long as sensor resolution is concerned. Since they've always been testing with that body for years, to compare with the existing data base they have to continue testing with that same body for consistency. The absolute numerical resolution numbers are not very meaningful, but how each lens compare with other lenses is. And changing bodies every so often would lose that comparability.

Unless a testing operation can re-test every lens once a new sensor comes out, it has to stick to some body which would eventually become obsolete. This is unavoidable. When you think that some professional never learns, or worse, some class of professionals never learn, it is highly likely that you yourself are missing some point or points in your thought process.

Let me add the fact that only 3 lenses come close to out resolving the epl-1 sensor
(the 25mm f0.95, the 75mm f1.8 and the 42.5mm f1.2) so almost every lens max sharpness can still be measured on that old camera.It also  lacks an AA filter, good for sharpness tests.The only way to know that you need more pixels is when a value doesn't change upon stopping down.
I havent seen that happening.

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