Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

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Re: Compare the purple chromatic aberration

ArtMar wrote:

and the haloing on the left side of the arch in the reflected "original" above and in the "reflection" below. The latter is more detailed and saturated. That's odd...I mean for a reflection.

Also, notice the gap between the girl's hat and the railing above in the original, and that they intersect in the reflection.

I think two different images, taken at a slightly lower angle for the "reflection" (hence more chromatic aberration because of the steeper angle) and then the latter flipped and merged and massaged in Photoshop.

Original above

"reflection" below (flipped to show the difference)

Yep, I'm willing to go with a two-camera rig as a working theory until someone can prove a different way to do it. So - a main camera with the main perspective, and then a second one fired at the same time a little lower looking a litlle more up and sort of "in the pool". The second camera image is then flipped in Photoshop, and overlaid into a pool outline added into the image from the first camera (and that pool outline of course now covers where the first camera has captured the second camera in the frame).

There is no other simple 2D way to get those perspective/parallax shifts other than 2 simultaneous slightly shifted capture positions with 2 different cameras. It cannot be a single-shot image flipped and transformed. That is way too complex off a 2D image to produce what we see. There are 3D things happening here.

He is a street photographer, and some of his reflections shots are for sure real, so a two-camera rig is a lot of effort just to get "perfect" reflections, but then the reflections are just too sharp and clean to be of a real everyday street puddle.

So I say, either this two-camera rig approach or else it is indeed one real single image of real but staged water puddle (i.e. water poured onto a cleaned surface with some gelatin additive to the water or something to increase viscosity). Then with Photoshop work to enhance the reflection.

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