Oly XZ-10 vs. EOS M Kit

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Oly XZ-10 vs. EOS M Kit

Hello Forum,

after following for a while silently, this is my first post!

I was looking for an ultraportable (-> travel) and cheap good camera and bought, for 165€, the Olympus XZ-10. I really love this camera because of it's f/1.8-2.7 aperture, 1cm makro and 720p/120fps slow motion video capabilities. The 1/2,3" sensor does not bother me.

Here comes the first question:

I have the possibility to get a used EOS M Kit for 190€. Should I sell the XZ-10 and get the EOS M instead?
I DID observe myself wanting to be able to mount a 50mm f/1.8 lens to get shallowest DoF... the XZ-10 is able to produce nice background blur, but with a fixed focus lens, it would just be so much nicer.

What do you guys think? The advantages are of course larger sensor, changing lenses...
Disadvantages: no more carrying it around everywhere in the pocket, possibly slower, more expensive since I need a lens converter.

And some side questions that I have been wondering about in the last days:

Would I get a much larger background blur (bokeh) with other cameras? According to a DoF calculator, the DoF shallowness should be roughly the same with other cameras:


1/2.3" sensor, f/2.8, focal length 23.5 mm (equiv. 130mm), focus distance 50cm

total: 1.4cm


1/2.3" sensor, f/2.5, focal length 24 mm, focus distance 50cm

total: roughly 1,3cm

Sony RX100 III

1" sensor, f/2.8, focal lenght 25.7 mm, focus distance 50cm

total: 2.4cm

EOS 1200D with Kit-lens

CF 1.6, f/5.6, focal length 55 mm (equiv. 88mm), focus 50 cm

total: 1.6cm

A 50mm 1.8 lens would result in a focus area of total: 0.6cm though...

Another thing I've been wondering about is slow motion video. How can it be that the XZ-10 can record 120fps in 720p, and standard DLSRs can "only" do 60fps (though in Full HD)?

Would be fantastic to get some opinions and answers.

Thanks and cheers from Amsterdam!

Canon EOS M Olympus Stylus XZ-10
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