Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Re: Am I the only one who feels this way?

thelenspainter wrote:

It's certainly a fair point. Possibly you could view it like this: it is without a doubt possible to take great photographs with a lens with average bokeh. The same photograph taken with a great bokeh lens looks even better. As you say the differences are subtle and many people would not consciously notice it, but I feel it can affect the way the viewer's eye moves in viewing the image.

I am not sure about that eyes moving because of it (and the leading lines rules and similar) but as I said before and more than once the bokeh can be that significant feature in the image that it's not clear what part of the image makes the image more. So I agree I guess.

Add to that, many people you will meet on the forum here are as much photo geeks as photographers, and with that comes a certain degree of obsessive searching for perfection (looking at you, anotherMike!).

Well let me tell you are coming this a bit too far. Mike likes great glass that he has been critically assessing over a long period of time in nuances some may not care about. He knows his requirements for practical and personal reasons and they aren’t average. No bad blood needed because people are different I guess. I see him an exceptional source of information and views taking advantage of his passion and experience. But he will be attacked because of some other forms of obsessions and maybe insecurity of which some can be popping out here and there and I hope he is taking that with a good humour.

One thing is an opinion and decision that 24-120/4 is good enough or not noticing the field curvature (which has nothing to do with the lower resolution sensor, certainly not with 24mp) and quite another is to see other views as obsessive. I hope you didn’t mean it very seriously. While at this though, I think that there are many kinds of obsessions and especially for those that frequent the forums often while presenting a stream of view firmly and strangely stuck in one direction. And then, they start talking about the obsessions of other peoples. Maybe Mike presents his positions a tad more vigorously for the taste of some but frankly that’s an option everyone has got here.

I also don’t always agree with Mike, remotely not. Example his highlight rendering preference for Sigma over the Nikkor.. it’s actually the only aspect I like about the Nikkor better and find it an advantage for processing to put it in just one simple sentence. But appreciate that its probably more complex here as I see something with that respect in 50A rendering I can’t well describe yet but it has something to do with the light tonalities and contrast that brings the capture alive? its own way. These things are likely related so I didn’t mention anything about it yet, I usually need more time for this. We would clearly disagree about the Samyang 35/1.4, too, and so like.

Until Nikon comes with an extra high res lens thru the aperture range for more usual budgets and uses that also has no major optical flaw or inferior build, there will be an exaggerated tendency from the hard core Nikon users to draw a line 'that is good enough' and beyond which the improvement is for the obsessive ones never mind the practical requirements they may have or, indeed, their preferences. While their argument is to be heard and it is 50% truth that we I think need to be more realizing (photography doesn’t equal to sharpness or optical perfection) it’s good not to blow it out to 100% as those (I should say these) other 50% are valid. As if people can never go from one extreme somewhere to the middle but always to the other side of it. And do it hard. Sigh

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