Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

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Re: if it is artificial, how is it done??

richardplondon wrote:

How is it done then, taking into account these 3D relative shifts?

By moving around parts of the image that go into the reflection.

I agree it all looks somewhat false and CGI, but I wonder if it is a real reflection made by some liquid he has poured to a surface he has just swept clean, and then he has both touched up e.g. the real sky, as well as emphasised the reflected surface luminosity and clarity/sharpness. Other of his images are also showing that the water is suitably translucent. Also the images all have a very early morning still and day is just starting feel. So - on balance I think he gets up early in the still morning, pours or finds real still liquid on a clean surface, and then tidies it up and emphasises it in post-production.

No. The reflection of the arch can be flipped, transformed a little vertically, and both edges of its curved underside made to overlay those of the real arch perfectly (I've made this experiment). This is impossible in 3D terms, except for two images both produced from the exact same viewpoint. A reflection would have a different virtual viewpoint from where the perspective would have been significantly different.

Other images show many similar effects - throughout. It's not morally reprehensible or dishonest, or anything like that of course - but let's be clear about the nature of these images. The reflections are a trick effect.

Certainly seems that way.

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