Considering xe-2 - some input please

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Re: Considering xe-2 - some input please

ryan2007 wrote:

If you have a Full Frame or larger size format standard you are used to do not get a APS-C sensor camera.

Why? Many Fuji users feel that the IQ of these cameras rivals FF. Particularly when paired with the fast Fuji primes. I would not hesitate to compare a 5DII with an X-E2.

I think in your case rent a Fuji X camera or buy something and make a return after a quick test over a weekend.

Why assume he would return the camera? And, to suggest a "try and return" is really terrible... this just jacks up the price for those who buy and KEEP their cameras, due to the re-stocking/refurbishing costs of a return.

I have been contemplating going back to a DSLR with two or three lenses and using my Fuji X100s as my landscape camera, it has a fast 35 mm f 2.0 lens and they make a 28 mm and 50 mm with the same f stop ability.

Agreed. You can't go wrong with the X100/X100S. With the converter lenses, it's a nice small, high quality kit.

If quick autofocus, sports, video or lots of TTL flash options are NOT important Fuji is great.

There are many. many Fuji users who use their cameras for sports and action. (The OP never said anything about shooting action.)

The XE-2 is the next in line from the XE-1, but the XT-1 is more of the upgrade in performance for what it is.

X-T1 has the same sensor as the X-E2 with some extras. I know quite a few folks who "upgraded" to an X-T1 and later went BACK to the X-E2. The X-E2 "rangefinder" format is very nice.

If you have not seen these cameras in person they are small and I even needed to get an accessory hand grip to improve the tactile handling.

The OP WANTS something small. We're not talking small like a Sony RX100. I have normal sized men's hands, and have NO problem holding or using the X-E2 (or X100). And I don't even use a neck or wrist strap!

Anyway, if you can rent the camera that is your best best because this will not replace a DSLR or larger format camera.

Says who?? Thousands of happy X owners have happily replaced DSLR's. OP said he's keeping his DSLR, and wants something different, NOT another DSLR.

I suggest the OP takes some time to look at X-E2 Flickr group images and reviews here on DPR and elsewhere. Compare size at, and wait for more objective replies to this thread.

I don't have the 18-55mm, but I do recommend the XF 14mm, particularly for landscapes. It is well-known for being optically perfect. There is little or no distortion, and no need to degrade any image with software corrections. You really can't go wrong with ANY of the Fuji XF lenses. Many get into the X system specifically for the small, fast, sharp, well-built lenses.

FWIW, I could afford to buy pretty much ANY camera system I wanted to but, since getting into the X system, it is the FIRST time in about 15 years that I am NOT waiting for the next great thing to come along, or drooling over new hardware. I am completely happy with the Fuji system. Even after 2 years, I still look forward to using it every day.

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