Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

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Re: Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

NOVCJ wrote:

I really like these images:

but was a little sceptical about the clarity of the reflections and also the 'viscosity' of the water at the edges. Is it possible to achieve these effects in Photoshop?

Considering the first image, the water is as flat as a perfectly ground lens - no air movement; no dirt; no insects; no paper shreds; no sweet wrappers; no grit; and the meniscus on the upper right below the pedestrian's foot would befit mercury, not water, whereas no such edge occurs top left at the water's edge. The second picture also has to thick a water edge meniscus top right and top left without corresponding roll-over distortion at top centre.

The highest quality float or plate glass mirrors would be required to get that good a reflection without any distortion. Perhaps a pool of mercury might achieve it but you never get mercury that clean without surface contamination - nor water puddles either.

You get no more revelation of the underside of her right fist than in the top image. Furthermore there is only about 1/2 a stop exposure difference between the top and lower image.

The pictures are attractive enough and well executed but not straight out of the camera for sure. I think it is ONLY possible to get this clear and distortion free effect in post processing.

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Cheers, Tony.

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