Is the Nikon Df the best option for a lighter walk about Camera

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Re: Is the Nikon Df the best option for a lighter walk about Camera

Mark Steber wrote:

mfouks wrote:

Thanks so much Mark. I just bought the 58 on the advice of the guys at the camera store (Aden's in Toronto). I told them that I wanted a light walk around lens for the camera. We discussed the sigma 50 1.4, the Nikon 50mm and the 58. The sigma was not an option- too heavy and they thought that the 58 was pretty special. You might say the guys wanted to make the sale on the more expensive lens but that is not what was going on. I am a very good customer of theirs and the owner has often talked me out of buying a lens etc. I really trust those guys.

I have used the 58 only in Paris (just got it before that in June) and I liked the results. I'm not expert enough to say whether it is worth the money or that much better than the 50 1.8 lens. I had read about it in the forum and the people who were using it said it was a perfect fit with the DF so I have to admit that also swayed me towards buying it. I also bought the 28 1.8 lens to go with the DF (of course i can used these lenses with the D810 I also own). I was so happy to walk around Paris for hours a day (we walked around 13 miles per day) with this light set up. I know that the camera is not that much lighter/smaller than the D800/810 if you look at actual specs but I could sure tell the difference. So I am very, very happy with both the DF and the D58 1.4. and also the 28 1.8. When I'm walking around with the D800 (that is what I took to Paris as I didn't have the D810 at that point) I use the 24-120 and am also very happy with that combination. When I want to do tripod work I will use the D810 so I think there is a place for both of these cameras. However, I took lots of landscape shots with the DF and 58 (no tripod) and it was excellent.

Again, I cannot compare the 58 with any other prime lens in that focal length.



Thanks for the helpful response. I agree that that 0.5 lb difference between the DF and the D810 will take its toll after a few hours. The D810 is a wonderful camera, it just doesn't seem like a walk around to me.

The 58 seems to either catch your fancy or you hate it. Kind of like the Df. I think I will like them both, as you do.

Glad to hear of your positive nod on the 24-120. That lens also gets a lot of mixed reviews. Would expect that or the 24-85 would be very usable on the Df. Nice to know the 24-120 worked well on the D800 too.

Again thanks for the response and I look forward to viewing your future pics.



I was glad to help.  I don't normally post photos here (no particular reason).  I send out my travel blogs a couple times a week so you are welcome to subscribe to my blog on my site or you can just go every once in a while to check out the photos.  My website is

The 24-120 has always been my go to travel lens and I think it works great for me.  I'm sure you will enjoy the DF and 58 if you end up getting it since it is a pretty light combination which produces very nice results (I'm sure there are lots of better examples than mine).   Please post some examples if you get this combination or something similar.



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