Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-layer sensor a'la Foveon

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Re: Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-lawyer sensor a'la Foveon

carlos roncatti wrote:

HBowman wrote:

Well... we do not know what will happen. Let's wait and see.

Yes, best to do that

There is also a comment that this new technology is going to be used in all Canon DSLR, so I guess it is more likely a Bayer sensor with some new additions.

Out of curiosity, if they come with whats rumored, is it a good thing and you would be willing to try it or you are faithful to sigma and doesnt care about what others can develop?
it seems some people think competition is good while others take sigma above everything else
To understand photography, you must understand that the experience must be much more important than the result ....
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Question not directed to me but, personally, I'll choose what gets me the best results over being faithful to a brand. The only thing a brand is faithful to is money, so I'm sure we're not breaking the brand's heart by moving on.

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