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I wonder why everyone is amazed of ! A7r/s can already give better results than this. if this is the best of this camera than save yourself 5 grands and buy a sony. just so you know, it is sony sensor inside.

i doubt the sony can even touch the 645d leaving aside the 645z. is not only the number of pixel.

everybody who has used the 645d and d800 already know.

leaving aside that when u look inside the cinema viewfinder, and use a bit the 645 is impossible to go back to that nightmare of ergonomics that is the a7r.

I've got both cameras, 645Z and A7R. There is no "nightmare of ergonomics" for me with the A7R. Just to be very clear, ergonomics is by far the most subjective of a camera's qualities. i have always been deeply skeptical of it as a "measuring standard". I dislike Nikon ergonomics generally. But I'm reasonable enough to realize that might not be the case for others. I've also used Olympus (E-3) and other Sony cameras. Always an adjustment. I've had to get used to every camera I've owned in the digital age----long gone are the days of dead simple mechanical cameras.

My main issue with my A7R is also one of the reasons I got it in the first place, the small size (and weight). I do not have large hands, but even so all small cameras provide a challenge---everything is so little and close together, and supporting the camera can be fiddly-awkward although the weight is lovely.

By contrast, the 645z's controls are indeed well laid out and spread out, but then they should be considering the size. It is also easier to support with the left hand, as it goes directly under the body and doesn't have to go under the lens, which I often find problematic (I manual focus a great deal, so touching the focus ring inadvertently can be a problem when holding the lens), so that is great. Less great is that with certain lenses it weighs 5-6 pounds to the A7R's 1-2.

With my A7R I can scramble my whole kit, flashes and accessories and all and laptop and extra hard drives plus a tripod, into/on a Kata 3N1 35PL which will easily fit into an overhead compartment on a plane, and will make the weight restrictions on puddle jumpers to more remote airfields in small aircraft. To carry my whole 645Z kit with the same level of accessorizing I need a rolling suitcase(I just found out 2 days ago). To use the Kata or any other bag that would go onto a plane through carry-on I'll have to significantly cut back my kit.

I think it's bootless to compare 2 cameras like these as though they were in the same category. I feel great because I'm confident I'm covered no matter what the travel throws at me.

And while the A7R's files probably are not as good as the 645D's at iso 100, I'm very confident they are better at 400 and anything above. I'm not a high iso junkie, but even when I shot LF and MF film I shot a lot of 400---I think all 400 in 4x5. I have been very pleasantly surprised at the file quality of my A7R.

So, if you have that camera, then you can complain about it all you like in YMMV mode. But if you don't.....

Having both tells me that you are mostly right. my point was mainly in IQ, everything else put together A7r wins, hands down.

the 645d is for professional , made by photog for photog, with a cinema viewfinder that is a marvel to watch through, all command with button, superb handling, a shutter that even loud is a joy, that produce stunning iq with manual lenses made 40 years ago, the a7r is a good sensor anyway and a lot of gimmick, is not pocketable and the lenses are big as those of nikon d800. if i need this sensor i buy a d800.

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