switching from a6000 > XT-1

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Re: switching from a6000 > XT-1

I am in a similar situation, having switched from the Sony A6000 to the X-E1.    I was very disappointed with the quality of the Sony 55-210mm lens, and did not want to spend a fortune on Zeiss lenses.   Results from the Sony with a Sigma 30mm lens were good, but the zoom just was not good enough.  Loved the fast and accurate focus on the Sony, and found that it was quick and easy to use.   The lack of zoom lenses above 210mm was a negative factor though.

Now experimenting with the X-E1, and can already see how good the jpeg photos are (especially with the kit 18-55mm).  Video seems to be very poor though, something that might decide whether or not I keep the camera.  I do not want to be in the position of carrying the X-E1 AND a video camera.  It may turn out to be a difficult decision, high quality still photos and bad video, or lower quality still photos in a camera with good video.

About the only other option I can see is the Nikon D5200 or D5300, but equalling the quality of the Fuji kit lens is going to be difficult without spending another fortune.   There is no perfect camera, but that video quality question may be decisive.

So it will be interesting to see how others who have changed from an A6000 fare.   Bottom line is that the Fujis do have great image quality BUT.....

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