Did something stupid....Info needed.

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Did something stupid....Info needed.

Keep in mind that I'm still pretty new to photography.

So I did something stupid which at the time I didn't know could be really damaging to my camera.

I have an Panasonic FZ1000 and I had someone remark to me about it having a 1/16000 electronic shutter speed and that possibly being used to take a photo of the sun.

See where this is going....Well I was out today and I guess curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a photo of the sun....well 9 to be exact.  I didn't have any special filters on either.  I'm so mad that I did this...

Well anyway, I decided to read up on taking pictures of the sun (after having done it...dumb) and it turns out that you need to be careful when taking pics of the sun or you can damage your camera.

So I'm curious to know if I have done some damage to my camera.  What should I be looking for to show signs of damage?

I tried to take some pictures of something that I had previously taken pictures of as test pictures when I first got the camera, and I'm noticing some minor differences.  Mostly I'm seeing that pictures look the same in terms of clarity and sharpness but I'm noticing that the colours in the after the sun photos, look just a slightly bit darker than the pictures from before.  Now that might be due to lighting and I will do further testing but I'm certainly concerned that my foolishness from today could have damaged this camera.  This could end up being an expensive lesson to learn from.

I did take some very long exposures (40 and 60 seconds) and I'm not noticing anything different there.  I also tested out the ISO range and that too didn't show anything out of the ordinary in terms of the noise.

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