Replaced my GH4 with a FZ1000 today

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Replaced my GH4 with a FZ1000 today

Not because I wanted to. I HAD to.  I has NO CHOICE, I HAD to.

As many know, I keep my 3 panny cameras in my truck, in bags, all in a big bag. My truck is also a mobile kennel for 2 big (shedding German Shepherd and Golden Retriever) doggies. So I am continually rocket blowing and brushing hair, dander and assorted crap off of my precision instruments. Every once in a while I bring them into the house and give them a good cleaning, including the sensor. The truck is not a good place to clean things (or to change lenses).  That is my reason for multiple bodies and I am sticking with it.

A couple of weeks ago I bought one of those pen kits from a camera shop. $25 was burning a hole in my pocket and HAD to be spent. The pen "nib" was quite large, about a cm in diameter.

A week ago I noticed that I had some crud on the 100-300 mm lens and the LCD of the GH4. So I pulled over to the side of the road and blew everything with the handy rocket blower. Then I took that large pen and cleaned the Objective of the lens, the (nose) oil off of the LCD viewer and the EVF. The EVF was a bit difficult since the nib was a bit too large. So I slipped the edge of the nib under the perimeter framing and moved the nib around the EVF a few times. Then I checked the EVF and saw that it was blurry and REPEATED the procedure. Still blurry. Repeated. Still blurry. So when I got home I used a Q tip with isopropyl alcohol and repeated. The center portion of the EVF was still blurry. The perimeter was fine. UH OH.  

Today, Friday, I took the GH4 into the fine place where I buy my stuff.  Met up with a couple of other photog friends there. The clerk and the two others are quite expert. "No problem, use isopropyl and a q tip" was the refrain. UH OH. Center was blurry, perimeter was ok. Looked at the EVF with a loupe in glancing light ... slight abrasions!  

Packaged up the GH4 and sent it in for repairs. Probably the glass (?) facing the eye on the EVF. "Six to eight weeks," they said.

Thought I'd be able to cope with putting the 100-300 on the GX7 or GH2 and carry on with all the important stuff.  Left the store and went across the city to have lunch with a nice lady.  She suggested I visit next week on the North Shore of Lake Huron ... the Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles and Deer and Moosies etc .... are all active now.  October not so.

I thought and re-thought and considered and reconsidered.  Drove all of the way back across town and dipped into the grandkidlets inheritance to buy the FZ1000.  (Rationale:  They'll get all of this wonderful gear when I pass on.)

Battery is in the charger now.  I've re-read the Review of the FZ1000.  Nice.  Gotta download LR5.6 to process FZ1000 raw files.  Probably DNG also.  Probably shoot a few jpegs also just to see what that camera's in-camera's processing looks like.  Probably have to read the owners' manual too.

The lesson in all of this:  Be careful with those "lens pens" when cleaning anything, especially the EVF.   If you must use one, don't reuse it without cleaning it between uses.

Does this mean that I am now banished to 1033?  Awww!  


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