Ideas on where to get rid of darkroom equipment

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Re: Ideas on where to get rid of darkroom equipment

bigcabdaddy wrote:

Hi folks,

First off, I'm new here and hope I'm not breaking any rules. I'm truly not meaning to post this as an ad. But I'm at a loss on what to do with all my darkroom equipment. At long last it's time to get rid of it after letting it collect dust since I fully switched over to digital. It's not low end stuff either: Leica lenses, Durst medium format (and 35mm) enlargers, Jobo processor with a ton of drums. What's my best bet? I have a hard time believing it would go on craigslist -- I'm in a town of only 150,000. Shipping would be a nightmare if I went through eBay. My son even suggested I just trash it, but that would just rip my heart out.

Reach out to local photographers.  Find out if any of them know anyone still shooting film.

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