Time to upgrade: D800 vs XT1 - Need genuine opinions

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Re: Time to upgrade: D800 vs XT1 - Need genuine opinions

Yes, of course I can. If I compare 16.7 1Ds MkII images at base iso (and theres no noise at 400iso either) with D800 like for like imagery, what I love about the Canon files is how very crisp and smooth they actually are- superior to a Fuji (it was after all a £5000 body) but group shots, though crisp, do not have enough actual detail in them to be able to delight in textures. Get in closer, and obviously no problem, but if you want enougfh detail in large prints where you are not nose to nose with your subject matter, the 36MP option is better.

In every other time-consuming, hardware reactive and hard-drive hogging way it is, of course infinitely worse, but the reason I got a NEX7 was to get more detail than getting a Fuji would have made possible.

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