G1X MkII haze at F2.0 macro, solution?

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Re: G1X MkII haze at F2.0 macro, solution?

Jostian wrote:

Was wondering if perhaps a solution for that slight haze at f2.0 at shorter distances could be the use of a 'haze' filter, would this have any impact on that slight haze I wonder? Just curious if anyone has tried this, I would be interested to see photo comparison at F2.0 of a flower or something with and without a 'haze' filter.

I don't think so, Jostian.  A haze filter is for when there is actual haze in the atmosphere.  What you are seeing is an artificial haze that is caused by the camera lens reaching the limit of its correction ability when used at f2 and very close.  The only way I know to really get rid of it under those circumstances is to stop down, or shoot from a little further back, or both.

The lens behaves much like the Canon 50/1.4 shooting at f1.4.  It creates kind of a dreamy look, or haze.  But stopped down to f2.8, it is much clearer and sharper.  This lens behaves similarly.

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