Possibility of a "D500" camera line

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Possibility of a "D500" camera line

Hi all,

In consider the NikonRumors "next FX camera" rumor, most people think its going to be a "D710." And I think there is a very strong logic that it will NOT be a "D620" (anyway, Nikon is still recovering D600 costs through the D610).  The "D710" thought is based on the fact that its an "action" camera (indicating a true heir to the D700 for sports and action, whereas the D800-series has always been primarily a new studio line.. and almost a medium format replacement at that!).

However, what do you think if this new FX is what I'd called a "D500"?

There are 2 points to the NikonRumors rumor that could be in error:
1.) The camera will be more expensive than a D610 [this points to a D710].
2.) LCD tilt-screen, SMALLER body than D610 & possibly oriented to video [this points to D500].

Now, generally speaking, we don't get pricing this early; but body design is fixed EARLY on.  So if any of the factors are wrong -- its most likely the pricing information (which, regardless, is always inflated and even sometimes trial-ballooned).  Therefore, the elements most likely to be truthful are that its an "action" camera, with "tilt-screen" and a "smaller body" than the D610.

Furthermore, a "D500"-series would dovetail with the D5000-series DX marketing.

Think about it:  (a.)  Smaller body (easier to manage when other video add-ons add so much bulk);  (b.)  Nikon JUST released a D810 "film-makers kit" (meaning Nikon has video on its mind as a future market);  (c.)  tilt-screen (must have for video);  (d.)  the new prevalence of 4K (meaning this camera might also have 4K) -- point to Nikon wanting to release an FX D500-series video machine, not necessarily a D700 replacement;  (e.)  Nikon would want to EXPAND its market -- with the most room for growth at the entry-level FX end; and finally  (f.)  the downward price pressure of the Mirrorless market, especially Sony, requiring Nikon to respond with lighter, smaller, yet still sophisticated, novel, video-capable, less-expensive FX bodies to stay competitive.

This could actually point to a cheaper FX camera than the D610, not a more expensive camera.  And with regard to the D700-heir concept (something I would really LOVE and want), I think that Nikon would actually use the Df sensor -- not a 24MP sensor -- in a D710.  The D710 might be reserved, I would hope, as a sensitive low-light speed machine (not a video-action machine).

Thus, I would think that a D710 is still a year away (out of deference to Df sales), whereas there is a very opportune moment for a 4K, new category of Nikon FX camera, which could expand the market and continue Nikons "Filmmakers Kit" concept that, frankly, seems like an after-thought in the D810 -- but would make perfect sense in the context of a "D500" being developed.

Any thoughts?

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