Exposure Compensation in Aperture and Manual mode

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Re: Exposure Compensation in Aperture and Manual mode

You don't understand the meaning of the exposure compensation.

The camera has a reflective light meter. It measures the reflected light so in the same light a black object will reflect less light than a white object. The meter considers all objects as gray no matter what is their real color. OTOH you know that you take a photo of snow or a black cat. You have to compensate the gray towards white (positive black exposure compensation) or (negative exposure compensation).

In Aperture priority mode the variable that camera modifies is the shutter speed and, contingently, ISO speed if you enable ISO Auto and the shutter speed drops below the set threshold.

In Manual mode if you use exposure compensation it will have no effect if you didn't enable ISO Auto because camera has no control over the parameters (aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed) as you set them manually (thus the name Manual mode). If you enable ISO Auto the Manual mode become a Shutter Speed and Aperture priority mode so the camera will change the ISO speed that is controllable by it.

I hope it helps.

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