Exposure Compensation in Aperture and Manual mode

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Re: Exposure Compensation in Aperture and Manual mode

dx052 wrote:

I am a bit confused about the Exposure Compensation mode settings on my Nikon D40 when shooting indoors especially. My understanding is that when shooting in general that the EC dial I see in the view finder should be central as the camera its telling me that my exposure is off. I am finding that when I get the Exposure Compensation dial in the centre it changes the settings of the aperture and shutter speed, I would like to over ride all of this so I can tell the camera what shutter speed I want and what Aperture I want. Can I ignore the EC in the view finder and adjust it the post processing?

Exposure is affected by the camera's aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

When in full manual mode, exposure indicator in the viewfinder is informational only.  It is telling you whether or not the camera thinks the image will be properly exposed.  If the camera is confused, this indicator may not be centered even though aperture, shutter and ISO are correct.

Exposure Compensation (EC) allows you to tell the camera that you think it is not properly computing the exposure for the scene.  You can tell the camera to allow more or less light than it otherwise would.  In order for EC to affect the image, at least one of the settings has to be in "Auto".  In Aperture priority mode, the camera automatically selects shutter speed.  In shutter priority, the camera automatically selects aperture.  In "manual" mode, you can have the camera automatically select ISO.

If all settings are "Manual", then EC affects only the feedback you receive and not the image itself.

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