Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: "It's the photographer" is a condescending and incomplete cliche

Joris1632 wrote:

My response was based exactly on what you said. You mentioned the technical and I responded with the technical. I believe you probably meant technique instead.

No, I meant what I said, I think you meant technological -

I've been talking the technological, or the technical, throughout the whole discussion. You mentioned the "technical" and I responded with the technical. It's really that simple.

It doesn't look like it's your native tongue. Your writing is certainly not typical of a native English speaker. Your screen name also sounds Dutch. Am I right?

Maybe you're not used to reading correct English grammar and spelling, perhaps it's too technical? Your answer is vaguely insulting but I'll reply anyway.You are dead wrong. I am English. Try googling my screen name.

Why would it be insulting? Clearly I didn't mention it in any way to be insulting. Some of your writing is simply indicative of someone where English is not their first language. It's making it hard to follow you at times. That's all.

"I haven't been talking about the photographer, I've been focusing on the technical side."

The thread was sort of about the photographer.

The original post mentioned a photographic cliche that rightfully and predictably brings up the other side of photography, the technical side of it. Other posters have chimed in similarly.

You are right, you are repetitive.

Repetitive is your word, not mine. That's also an odd thing to follow up with, not to mention an odd way to describe my posts considering the context of the discussion.. The original post focused on one of two aspects of photography. It was only natural that talk of the other side of photography would follow. Remember, I'm not the only one that has spoken about the tecnical side of photography. Your preference for the artistic side has gotten in the way of the discussion.

Maybe you should do others the courtesy of listening to their point of view before jumping to conclusions about their intelligence, knowledge or even nationality.

I read and consider carefully everything I respond to, and I certainly do not jump to "conclusions." I haven't jumped to any conclusions about anyone's "intelligence, knowledge or even nationality." That's ridiculous. I suspected you were not a native English speaker based on some of your writing, your location, and your screen name. Three pieces of information that makes the suspicion (not "conclusions"), reasonable. I only mentioned it because at times I  have trouble understanding you.

The discussion is going off-topic so I'll leave it at that. Nice chatting with you.


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