Exposure Compensation in Aperture and Manual mode

Started Aug 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
ARShutterbug Veteran Member • Posts: 8,976
Use Manual mode

Your understanding is oversimplified.  The light meter in the camera provides an approximation for a proper exposure, but it is dependent on your metering mode and the input data from where you have pointed the lens.  The light meter can be wrong, so look at what you're doing by using the feedback from the camera's preview screen.  If you don't want the computer to change the exposure parameters automatically, you need to use the Manual exposure mode. The amount of exposure adjustments that you can make during RAW file development depends on the capabilities of your camera's recording sensor with regards to dynamic range.  The amount of exposure adjustments that you can make with the post-processing of JPEG files is considerably lower, while the cost of making those adjustments increases with the severity of the exposure problem.

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