Is this proof of, "It's the photographer"?

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Re: "It's the photographer" is a condescending and incomplete cliche

My response was based exactly on what you said. You mentioned the technical and I responded with the technical. I believe you probably meant technique instead.

No, I meant what I said, I think you meant technological -

It doesn't look like it's your native tongue. Your writing is certainly not typical of a native English speaker. Your screen name also sounds Dutch. Am I right?

Maybe you're not used to reading correct English grammar and spelling, perhaps it's too technical? Your answer is vaguely insulting but I'll reply anyway.You are dead wrong. I am English. Try googling my screen name.

"I haven't been talking about the photographer, I've been focusing on the technical side."

The thread was sort of about the photographer. You are right, you are repetitive. Maybe you should do others the courtesy of listening to their point of view before jumping to conclusions about their intelligence, knowledge or even nationality.


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