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Why the pull of full frame?

Having read many posts on here about FF v APS-C v Mirrorless, etc, and having used 35mm film for years (i.e. FF), then compact super zooms, DX and recently 5D MkII, I simply do not understand the marketing to lure folks to bulky Full Frame gear when most consumer electronics gadgets are getting better, smaller and lighter.

Full frame seems a step backwards in time at every level, and a big step backwards in terms of consumer convenience.  Why are so many (myself included) lured by full frame gear that weighs more like bulky old technology from the 1970s?

Will Canikon embrace change before its too late (i.e. like Motorala in 90s or Nokia in 2007 when their former market leading products became almost obsolete overnight)?  I would have thought a more compact successor to APS-C with a much smaller lens mount system might be the future.  It's not about the BEST image quality, it seems more relevant to have the most USEABLE image quality.

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