Amazon UK is showing Nikon 1 V3 as discontinued by manufacturer.

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Re: Amazon UK is showing Nikon 1 V3 as discontinued by manufacturer.

Rick Maiman wrote:

I just this minute, got off the phone with the chief customer relations rep at Nikon USA Headquarters in Melville, Long Island, NY. It was a cordial call, and the result, said to me is that the V3 has NOT been discontinued.

officially, the F6 hasn't been discontinued either. but that doesn't mean they're still making any.

Until such time as higher powers at Nikon, probably in Japan, make some sort of official announcement, the V3 remains in production.

that's always been the case. even after they've long discontinued production, they'll still sell what's left in their warehouse. premature announcements of discontinued product plays havoc on sales.

I referenced posts in this thread, about Amazon UK, and assertions on the Nikon Rumors blog. This rep I was on the call with, said unequivically those sources are dubious and should not be believed.

words of caution, but neither a confirmation or denial.

- Certainly there is a lot of skepticism to go around, but I'd like to take a wait & see position intil Nikon Inc. in Japan has been confronted with the rumors.

i hope to hear more from Nikon as Photokina approaches.

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