Metering and Color Differences D810/DF

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Part 3

Finally, (lets concede now that this is a test picture clearly not meant to be commented on artistically;) the skin tones.. they really don't look too different despite the obvious differences in colors between the cameras on the clothing. Of course the test is limited as all three ladies have similar complexions.

Both pictures were taken in evening light with with Flash, 1/60th F/3.2 Art 35 ISO 100 all Cameras settings as equal as they can be. WB was equalized in LR5 to 6300 and the D810 was downsized for the crops. Yes, the girls are not in the EXACT same pose and position (try keeping 3 young ladies still for 2 minutes:), however, they are in the same spot same light so its much closer a comparison than others I have seen here (minus some I saw of a D800/Df comparison).

A series of three shots were taken to ensure consistency in metering and exposure, there was no difference in the 3 from each camera. They were processed using the new profiles.

As I said, I think you can see more difference in the clothing colors than the skin. You can see differences in the histograms though, rather interesting.

Shorts are Black, Orange and RED/PINK and shirts are White, Purple & White.

Just in case your wondering, I would choose the DF for portraits as I don't like analyzing peoples pores and blemishes, not because I think one camera does them better than the other as I would easily grab a D810 to shoot a large group portrait.

This concludes my experiment. My take away was they are both great cameras, no big mystery revealed there.

My DF exposes hotter than my D810 and I am apt to now apply -.3ev in general when I go out or just adjust in PP since I shoot all RAW.

My DF exposes about 200 degrees warmer than my D810. Change in PP if needed.

The D810 colors seem a little more accurate overall, although both cameras could benefit as suggested by custom profiles if color accuracy is a goal or you own both and want to match them for workflow to use both cameras for a job. (I will try a DNG created profile for each and see how close they get). The DF to me still has that magic little something, however, it is getting far less relevant after more time with the D810 and adjusted workflow.

Its worth noting that things can very between cameras and my cameras may behave differently than your cameras and of course this is a very limited set of tests.

Much of the debate and wars people have over these cameras just seems silly in the end, they are both capable and their differences are really very much objective in the end and openly listed in their specs. They are what they are and you either like them, don't like them or don't care. So long as you do your homework, try them and understand what your buying they both should serve you well!

Make picture and friends, not camera wars!

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