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Re: Some New Photos

This is a nice collection of images. Generally well exposed and thoughtfully composed. You obviously were not just shooting from the hip, which is a big step toward improvement.

I agree with other's comments and will add the following.

#1 - I really like this image. My only real nit is that the bunch of berries gets a little too close to the bottom of the frame. When objects are close to the edge it creates tension. That can be used creatively in some images, but doesn't seem to fit here. Really, this is very minor.

#2 - Great concept and pretty well executed. I love this perspective and the shape of tree and it's branches makes it a good candidate for this type of shot. Unfortunately, the sky is blown out and it looks there may have been some movement in the extremeties. Perhaps under exposing by about 2/3 stop would have solved both by darkening the sky a bit and getting you a faster shutter speed.

#3 - Another creative composition, but I agree the crossbar on the fence is a distraction. If there was no way to stand on the other side of the fence, then you may have been able to use live view and hold the camera up higher. Neat idea though, since it does look like the sun 'landed' on the wires.

#4 - This is very nice. Good eye to spot this and come up with this composition. Overall the b&w processing looks good, though I might bring up the shadows a little. For me, the tree on the far right doesn't add anything. I know it helps frame the image, but it is out of focus and leaning in a way that takes us out of the image. There is also a round man-made object in the background that doesn't fit. I think if you crop in from the base of the leaning tree and then clone any remnants of the man-made object, you will end up with a much stronger image.

#5 - I have a hard time with moon shots. Since the moon is the only thing in the frame, I can't decide if it should be centered or off to one side. The full size image looks a little noisy, so some noise reduction might help.

Anyway, I really like the whole set. It has some variety and shows your creativity. My thoughts are mostly minor nits, but sometimes that what takes an image to the next level.

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