Ideas on where to get rid of darkroom equipment

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"Donate" to the Recycling Center

Why would any sane school agree to clean out your store of old junk?  Where in blazes would they put it or take care of it?  Who would even have a clue whether the "kit" was usable or made any sense to acquire?

What parent would want their high school kid to study some obsolete hobby, rather than take a core science course or something "practical"?  Time spent learning to play trombone, or sing, would be more rewarding.

Yes, there are adult "continuing education" programs that offer all kinds of "instruction" in useless clap-trap, for entertainment.  But why sign up for "film developing" rather than wine tasting, exotic cuisine, tango dancing, or wiccan arts 101?

Here's the show-stopper, though: you, a lover of the art, haven't had the urge or time to bother with film developing any longer.  So why expect any novice to discover some sort of passion for it?

Do you have cans or bottles of ammonium thiosulfate, sodium thiosulfate, other chemicals used for developing.  I defer to chemists on the matter, but perhaps diluted acids might be mixed with diluted alcaloids, turn to salty water, and poured down the drain.  More toxic materials might demand special disposal.

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