Amazon UK is showing Nikon 1 V3 as discontinued by manufacturer.

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Kevin Omura
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Re: Amazon UK is showing Nikon 1 V3 as discontinued by manufacturer.

Rick Maiman wrote:

I've been using the V3, backed up by V2, and V1 bodies, for much of my newspaper duties for months now. I just shot a two day Dragon Boat festival, here in NY, making extremely good use of the 70-300 VR. As well the 10-100 and 6-13 lenses primarily. Over 2500 OOC jpegs. Better than 98% of the photos were tack sharp, with brilliant color. I am completely pleased with the system. In about ten days I will give the V3 a workout at the US Open Tennis Gran Slam. If Nikon does indeed discontinue the V3, I will get another; somewhere. But having made a serious investment in money and time waiting and searching for nearly every bit of the 1 system, my gear is certainly not going to stop serving my needs. But I will come away thinking that Nikon has backed itself into one extremely embarassing corner--and reduced itself to a complete laughing stock. I think of all those professionally tailored videos on its web site....when...oh yeah, last March. My how time flys. Nikon couldn't run a pay toilet after this.
Rick Maiman

Think you summed this up perfectly.

I went into this system with the possibility that Nikon could do something dumb and kill it, but the equipment suited my style and requirements. A small light camera with fast AF and good image quality and useful range of lenses. Because of the possibility of  a system collapse I too started to buy the bits and pieces I thpught I would require and will put a rush on the last couple of pieces since availability might soon become an issue.

I'm sure some folks are going to start thumping their chests and say they are going to bail out, not me. The gear so suits how I shoot I will happily continue to use it though picking up spares is something I will certainly keep in mind.

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