How integral is Bayer/XTrans filter to the sensor?

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Re: How integral is Bayer/XTrans filter to the sensor?

Timmbits wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

I remember reading about people managing to scratch off the colour array filter on cameras (only cheap ones such as a webcam or $15 walmart special, I wouldn't recommend you try and make a monochrome X100).

I don't know much about the way it's made in DSLRs and the like, but sometimes I think it is pretty much just slapped on top (such a wonderful technical term there)

Here are a couple of links,

Scratching the Color Filter Array Layer Off a DSLR Sensor for Sharper B&W Photos

Explanation of the photosite structure and image comparisons

If the scraping off process didn't remove these precious microlenses, it would certainly be a nice process to consider. Otherwise you're illuminating the circuits as much as if not more than the photosites, even in a backside illuminated configuration. Your net gain in light is much smaller than the potential, if you could get your sensor with microlenses but without the CFA.

I had wondered for a long time, why they don't use little prisms to split the colors, so they can be detected, without sacrificing 2/3 of the light! Well, seems that someone finally caught on by thinking outside the box: Panasonic. With this system, converting to B&W is no longer painful as it is not - in either color or black and white, you are capturing all of the light, and it is simply a software decision as to how you interpret the data. Here is a link:

Panasonic Doubles Color Sensitivity in Sensors with ‘Micro Color Splitters’

If Panasonic implements this technology onto their sensors, I'm buying!

That was published a year and a half ago. I wonder if that thechnology has come any closer to being released in a consumer product.

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