Comparison of: Zeiss Otus, Sigma 50 Art, Nikkor 58G, Nikkor 50/1.4G, Nikkor 50/1.8G

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Why I like Nikon

anotherMike wrote:

 But reality is reality, and while Nikon is asleep at the wheel, producing niche stuff that really doesn't mate well with a wider cross section of users, and tends to be way overpriced (58/1.4, DF - both about 500 bucks too rich),

And this is why I like nikon (other than the price of some of these toys.. :P). They aren't afraid of making unique, niche products. The 105mm f2 DC is another example of a cool lens they made that can produce a wide range of "looks". It is another product that was never meant for "mainstream" use.

The 50 1.8g just has a harsh look to the images it creates and while when zoomed in at 100% I don't see the defects in it's rendering (it's quite sharp), at a normal viewing distance I do. At all f stops it has this same look, just the DOF changes.

The 58 is the opposite. It creates very pleasing looking images when viewed at a normal viewing distance, zoomed into 100% you can see it's defects, especially wide open. But the 58 can vary it's look from the "glow" it imparts to an image wide open; to being crisp, yet still renders the background softly, when down even 1 stop from wide open. It's similar to the variety of looks I can get out of the 105mm DC lens.

I guess this is where our opinions differ, you see the 58 as a "one trick pony", I see it as a lens that can do a variety of different things depending on the fstop it is shot with. I also don't shoot the same types of things you do so obviously, we would view this differently

The other point becomes, does one care about what the image looks like zoomed into it at 100%, or when viewing 100% of the image at once. I'm much more concerned about the latter than the former.

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