Metering and Color Differences D810/DF

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AM4L wrote:

I am actually looking into it, I have an older i1 Pro setup, the upgrade is very costly. I do have the color checker so I will probably just use the DNG option.

In case it is useful to you, I posted some suggestions on using the DNG Profile Editor a while ago.

I don't do the whole Print my own thing anymore.

Camera profiles are for online display as much as they are for printing.

I have done all that before years ago, however, I am not necessarily sold on going that route. It's worth understanding OOC color first and how it impacts photos. I'll likely profile them and see how that fares as well and the decide if and when I want to use it. For a wedding it will be critical I calibrate them to match.

When you shoot RAW and process in Lightroom 5, there is not such thing as OOC color. It is Lightroom 5 default color and that depend on what you have set as the default. It is all up to you.

If you make the settings identical for a D810 image and a Df image, any differences would be down to differences in the camera profile. There are no true Nikon camera profiles in Lightroom 5. They are created by Adobe. So, might as well make custom profiles based on your camera and lenses.

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